Strip Hair

This is the best shedding tool I have ever used!

This is an AMAZING grooming tool!
I ordered it fairly late in the season – it arrived really fast but I wondered how useful it would be, since I’d been using a shedding blade and Chips did not seem all that hairy anymore.
Well, I was amazed and delighted with how the StripHair worked! It is far easier on the horse than a shedding blade, since there are no teeth to scrape on the sensitive skin. You can see at the beginning of the video that Chips is moving around – he is very unhappy when I use a shedding blade on him, and that was what he was expecting. But as soon as he realized that there was no contact with his skin, he settled right down!
And it took off not only the remaining hair but it grabbed up a lot of the dirt from under the coat as well!
I am totally sold on this tool, and I just want to say a big “THANK YOU!” to the girls who developed it, and especially to L.R. who was so very helpful in getting one to me so fast!.

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